Photo Studio NEW YORK Ina McConnell
And i love capturing timeless images I am a fine art wedding photographer based in New York I am Ina, pronounced like Eena It's a pleasure to meet you Welcome
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Philosophy Your wedding photography is more then just a shoot with me.
It’s an entire experience and the beginning
of both a professional and
a personal relationship.
She curates each story with
a fresh editorial style.
Capturing your big day
naturally and showing 
your elegant style
through every image.
Showing you an authentic
and unique representation of
who you are as a couple.
Taking great care in
representing the grace,
distinction, and style that is
possible in wedding photography.
I am a believer in enjoying your wedding day, so laugh and have fun while I
capture unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully.
The perfect combination of timeless elegance, fresh style, and your individuality I find to be the most inspiring of all. My aim Highlighting the laughter and the tears of joy is a main focus that keeps me always so interested and always wanting more. My Inspiration


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